Vodavi phone System Troubleshooting

If you need to troubleshoot your Vodavi phone start with the station user guide but for more troubleshooting Vodavi Phone system explore here


Help with Vodavi phone system

If your system is displaying the SCOUT Message

Go to this page  LKD SCOUT Vodavi Troubleshooting

There can be a few reasons why this is happening, none of which is good.  You need Vodavi Support to assist you as it involved parts that only a trained technician can assist you with.


Certified Vodavi Service


Vodavi Repair


To download the Vodavi Phone USER Manuel – Go here


Vodavi Troubleshooting

Working with the VODAVI  3500 or Vodavi 3501  Telephone System

Note: The battery used in the explanation is not a user-changeable battery. It is a board-level part and requires trained professionals.  This type of battery is not a battery like general electronics as well as the messages may indicate a more serious issue.  As these systems age it will tend to be more of a capacitor issue than a battery.  Be aware either way this will require full reprogramming as the system is fully defaulted and has no reference to operate without being professionally programmed.