Vodavi TR9015-71 Troubleshooting

The Vodavi Phone System and Vodavi Phone 9015-71 Troubleshooting to resolve issues related to a malfunctioning phone or malfunctioning Vodavi 9015-71 Phone System.

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Understanding Digital Phone System Problems

Vodavi 9015-71

What you need to know First: For Troubleshooting a Vodavi

While some issues can be resolved through simple troubleshooting techniques, it is crucial to recognize when professional assistance is necessary. Be cautious when dealing with electrical components, as mishandling them can lead to more severe problems than a malfunctioning phone line such as a full defaulted system.  Legacy Systems ( prior to 2009) often do not have FLASH memory and thus are working off a power retention system turning it off could results in complete failure (DO NOT Turn off any phone system prior to 2009 unless absolutely needed).    Line Phones or Digital phones [ Vodavi TR9015-71] run over traditional telephone wire – Not data cable and they are connected via a series of connectors to the main box onsite known as a processor.  That processor and its controllers determine what the phone is by individual wire (Ie – phone jack) to each location via a connection known as a PORT.    Technicians who work on these systems are not generally IT Professionals but Telecommunications Technicians.

1. Buzzing Sound on the Phone Line

Problem: A buzzing sound can disrupt calls and be particularly frustrating for clients.

Solution:  This issue can be caused by a few different issues.  A) Would be caused by metals touching due to wiring (generally line cord from the phone to the jack or phone the phone receiver on the phone if it is an individual phone. To resolve this problem, inspect the wire connections and colors to ensure that all components are securely in place and that the wiring is not loose on the phone device. If its just on this phone it may be these issues.  B)  If however, the buzzing resides on all desk phones then it typically is a part in the Phone System where two pieces of metal are now conducting.

2. Static Noise on the Phone Line

Problem: A static noise on a phone line is just as irritating as a buzz and can hinder communication. Static is similar to buzzing but generally a different part.

Solution:  This can be wiring-like buzzing but if it is on all phones:  This could be a carrier problem if you are on traditional copper lines so rule this out first as (Groups like WindStream using copper for the last few thousand feet) If after a wet period/rain the static is more intense then this can be the root cause.  The issue is often by the time a technician is dispatched the area has dried and the lines return to normal.  To resolve this switch to an Analog Handoff (contact us to as about Analog Handoffs 1-877-272-8292)   The other cause is static can be caused by phone cords to the receiver if it’s on an individual phone or a board part (repair required) if on all phones.

3. Dead Air on the Phone Line

Problem: Dead air can cause confusion, leading to missed or misunderstood information.

Solution: Dead air typically occurs when wires have crossed, shorted out, or stopped working altogether.  Generally, this can be on a Carrier’s Demarc ( Called ATA or SIP Conductivity issue) If this is One-way audio that is almost certainly a malfunctioning ATA box but on the carriers side it will show a “Green Light” so you will have to push for a resolution. Sometimes if they talk you through a power cycle of the ATA Hand-off it will resolve the issue without a site visit.

By following these simple troubleshooting techniques, you can efficiently address common digital phone system issues and ensure that your business runs smoothly. Remember to seek professional help if you encounter a more complex problem or if you’re unsure how to proceed with troubleshooting.


4. No Dial Tone – No Display

Determine if this is on a single phone or all phones.

Single Phone:  Check the wire from the wall jack to the Vodavi individual phone. You can take a working phone and move it to this locations as the Vodavi Control processor determines what phone it is.  If moving a working phone resolves it then contact us for a replacement phone and at that time replace the wire from the jack to the phone.  If it does not resolve it this is likely what is known as a bad port (a Board Part) and will need to be replaced, and again contact us for parts/repair.

All Phones: on the System –  If the phones are completely dead with no display this is a system-wide problem.  It is likely related to a board failure or controller failure.  If you reside in the United States you have access to our support and we can talk you through more troubleshooting to determine which part or parts are involved.

Vodavi STE Triad


5.  No Dial Tone –  with Display LDK-SCOUT

Potential Messages:



You need tech support and trained professionals to assist you as this is a major system fault / Failure.


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You need Vodavi Repair and Support Services to resolve this as this is a major malfunction. Call national Vodavi Support at 877-272-8292


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