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Name: Luminust Vodavi

Services: Texas, New Mexico, and [ 41 States ]

Phone: (972) 883-3970

Products: Vodavi DHS, Vodavi 3500, Vodavi Starplus STSe, Vodavi Infinite

Website: luminust.com


Name:  TelcomPBX Vodavi Support

Services: Services:  Northern California, Florida, Atlanta, the Carolinas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Boston.

Phone: 877-690-7705

Products: Vodavi STS, Vodavi STSe, Vodavi XTS, Vodavi Infinite, Vodavi DHS (limited), Vodavi Starplus

Website: Vodavi Telephone Systems



Services: Supports 37 States

Phone: 1-877-272-8292

Products: Vodavi STS, Vodavi Starplus STS,

Website:  Vodavi Phones 



Name:  Maryland ConnectX

Services:  Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia

Phone: (410) 205-2070

Products:  Vodavi STS, Vodavi STSe, Vodavi Starplus, Vodavi DHS, Vodavi, Vodavi Infinite IN9015-71, Vodavi 3515-71

Website:  Vodavi – Maryland Telephone Systems


Name: CCI  Telecom – Carolinas

Services: Charlotte NC, Concord, High Point, Salisbury NC, High Point, Columbia SC, Greenville SC

Phone:  704-837-0144

Products: Vodavi 3515-17, Vodavi Infinite, Vodavi DHS, Vodavi Starplus, Vodavi Starplus 2803 phone

Website: CCI Telephone Systems Vodavi 


About Vodavi

Vodavi was a leading manufacturer of affordable and robust Vodavi Telephone Systems, and as these systems age, you often need Vodavi Support and Vodavi Repair.  The Vodavi phone system was a true state-of-the-art phone system used extensively in small to businesses and Private schools.  Compact and reliable, the Vodavi Starplus 2803 phone is an affordable option for business.  Vodavi Dealers are well trained to work on Vodavi Telephone Systems, and Vodavi Phones.  At one time the nation was covered coast to coast with hundreds of trained professional telephone Technicians who worked on Vodavi.  Today, people often wonders “Who works on Vodavi Phones“, or “Who works on Vodavi Telephone Systems”  If you need Vodavi Troubleshooting 


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