Vodavi Telephone System

Vodavi Telephone System, the Vodavi Starplus STS was a popular telephone system from 1999 to 2006 and no longer produced, Vodavi Upgrades are available.

Vodavi Telephone System

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Vodavi departed the industry in 2006 and a great deal of support has been migrated over to A.B.S and TelcompBX who had highly trained telecommunication specialists to assist end users.

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Vodavi Phone Systems

Today the Vodavi has been replaced with a few products. (1) is the official upgrade [ LG Summit ] but due to modifications and wiring changes only larger deployments of Vodavi should upgrade to this to save money (2) is the VoceOne Vodavi Express – This is a Cloud version which is one of the most User Friedly Cloud Version of   Vodavi System. (note: Clouds operate differently)  (3) Is the NEC 2100LN-V  This is a customized NEC product that gives you the closest experience to the Vodavi keeping it in Line Mode and enjoying a cost savings overtime.  (4th) is the Avaya 500LN-V – This is a custom-built Avaya product to give a close feel to the Vodavi System back by the Avaya Brand and national support.

Our Vodavi phone systems & telephone equipment offer feature-rich options and performance for an affordable price.  If you currently


Vodavi Telephone Systems

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We are one of the last remaining Vodavi dealers offering national support for the Vodavi Telephone System, and the Vodavi Phones.  If you need support, upgrades, or Vodavi Support we are Telephone System Technicians.   A.B.S Vodavi Support

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Vodavi Goes Vertical with the LG Summit System upgrades solution.  This system will back support Vodavi Starplus STS phones however the cost of adjustments to the onsite wiring can in smaller deployments off set other upgrade options.  We only recommend go LG Summit when you have 12 to 24 phones as you will see very little savings otherwise.

Vodavi Support (TelcomPBX)  is dedicated to providing customers with easy-to-use Business Phone System solutions that suit their requirements and budget.  MD ConnectX is a family-owned and operated business with extensive experience in telecommunications. We provision, maintain and manage small to medium businesses’ voice and data communications needs.  Vodavi Repair is now part of the TelcomPBX.



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